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California workers now have greater injury compensation protections under a new law signed this week, and employers will receive more support from the government to combat rising insurance costs.
California Governor Jerry Brown signs workers’ compensation insurance reform legislation
September 20, 2012

By trimming costs related to judicial proceedings, the state government expects that employers will save nearly $1 billion next year. Continue reading

If Proposition 33 becomes law, coverage providers will have more flexibility when setting rates for individual customers.
Navigate the debate: A look at California’s Proposition 33
September 19, 2012

In summary, Proposition 33 allows greater discretion for insurance companies when they set prices for consumers. Continue reading

With top-quality yacht insurance that hits their coverage needs, insurance holders in California can limit their liability for costly damage.
Avoiding electrical yacht damage in marinas
September 18, 2012

In preparation for each boating season, many professional and amateur marine groups issue safety notices that those who own yachts and personal crafts can use to ensure their passengers remain injury-free while enjoying their chosen waters. Continue reading