California workers now have greater injury compensation protections under a new law signed this week, and employers will receive more support from the government to combat rising insurance costs.
California Governor Jerry Brown signs workers’ compensation insurance reform legislation
September 20, 2012

By trimming costs related to judicial proceedings, the state government expects that employers will save nearly $1 billion next year. Continue reading

If Proposition 33 becomes law, coverage providers will have more flexibility when setting rates for individual customers.
Navigate the debate: A look at California’s Proposition 33
September 19, 2012

In summary, Proposition 33 allows greater discretion for insurance companies when they set prices for consumers. Continue reading

With top-quality yacht insurance that hits their coverage needs, insurance holders in California can limit their liability for costly damage.
Avoiding electrical yacht damage in marinas
September 18, 2012

In preparation for each boating season, many professional and amateur marine groups issue safety notices that those who own yachts and personal crafts can use to ensure their passengers remain injury-free while enjoying their chosen waters. Continue reading

The Affordable Care Act aims to provide comprehensive care to those financially unable to access plans.
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: What Californians should expect in 2014
September 17, 2012

These changes will mean cheaper personal health insurance for everyday people, which can help them control medical costs when they need it most. Continue reading

The California Department of Insurance has issued warnings about autumn wildfires to residents in the San Diego area, urging them to make the necessary preparations.
California insurance commissioner issues warning about wildfires
September 14, 2012

With fall fast approaching, state officials in California have begun taking steps to remind Southern California homeowners of another imminent development, the potential rise in dangerous, quickly forming wildfires. Continue reading

Flash flooding can pose safety and financial risks to those who live in areas prone to such disasters. As such, homeowners in those regions should consider acquiring flood insurance.
Flash floods strike Southern California following huge storm system
September 13, 2012

According to The Associated Press, warnings were issued to residents as far north as the Los Angeles area, alerting those affected about the potential for seriously adverse weather patterns. Continue reading

The California state government is currently figuring out which requirements to set ahead of the full implementation of national healthcare reform.
California government begins clarifying personal health insurance coverage
September 12, 2012

Lawmakers and pundits alike had been wrangling in the past few weeks over which medical practices should be included in the state mandate. Continue reading

Having travel insurance, for example, can help cover the costs of lost or stolen luggage.
Sudden illness! and other reasons to buy travel insurance before the big trip
September 11, 2012

Travel insurance is just like any other policy, except that it protects expenses specifically tied to your trip. Continue reading

According to a report from analysis group CoreLogic, nearly three-quarters of a million homes are at-risk of wildfire damage or destruction.
Information analysis group releases report stating 740,000 homes at risk of wildfire
September 10, 2012

CoreLogic, a provider of information analysis for various industries, released its first-ever Wildfire Hazard Risk Report on September 10, noting that it found hundreds of thousands of properties spanning 13 U.S. states were at a high risk of damage due to the spread of wildfire. Continue reading

Financial security can be guaranteed in the event of a large-scale earthquake by having insurance coverage sold by a professional brokerage.
Two earthquakes rustle California in early hours, no damage yet reported
September 7, 2012

According to multiple regional news sources, three earthquakes struck California early Friday morning, with two occurring in Central Valley after an earlier event in Beverly Hills. Continue reading