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As a country, the United States has been struggling to determine a long-term solution for its health care needs. Nevertheless, while this debate plays out in the halls of Congress and state legislatures, Californians need to secure coverage and protection that can provide them with ability to meet these essential needs in the short-term as well.

In Los Angeles County, those who are not covered by an employer, union or other type of group are not currently guaranteed health insurance in the state. Even worse for those who need coverage is that this reality can be problematic given the nature of many industries that flourish in the area. For example, those who are trying to make it in the cutthroat entertainment business, and who work part-time or on a freelance basis, may find themselves seeking available options or even being rejected by private insurers.

And while health insurance is essential for all Californians, those who want to best prepare for the future also need to secure affordable life insurance and long-term care programs that can provide for loved ones after they pass or become dependent. These considerations goes hand-in-hand with health coverage, as all three look to prepare the policyholder for the future and the uncertainty it may hold.

By securing the help of an experienced broker, even those busy furthering their careers with round-the-clock responsibilities can gain the coverage they need.

At Meslee Insurance, we've been educating Los Angeles residents about their health, life and long-term care insurance options for decades. Furthermore, our licensed staff has experience with commercial group programs for businesses who are looking to add benefits to recruit and maintain high quality employees.

Securing affordable health insurance in Los Angeles county with Meslee brokers
Choosing the right personal health insurance plan can be difficult. Instead of attempting to decipher sometimes complex terms (co-payments, lifetime maximums, grace periods) and a myriad of abbreviations (PPOs, HMOs) on their own, city residents can speak to a representative at Meslee. Our experienced personnel asks the hard yet necessary questions to help you acquire coverage that provides flexibility and peace of mind.

And this flexibility also extends to our customers. If you don't have time to speak on the phone, you can request a quick quote online. From there, our agents will contact you with ways you can acquire this coverage.

The Meslee broker difference, cutting the costs of life insurance for Los Angeles residents
A comprehensive life insurance policy can allow the family of the deceased to pay off a mortgage, cover funeral expenses and enable them to maintain their standard of living. But a common misconception is that this policy can simply be purchased once and forgotten. In reality, as the policyholder's life changes, his or her life insurance coverage needs to adapt.

Those who have recently tied the knot, become parents or changed jobs may want to take the time to review the extent of their coverage and new life insurance quotes with a Meslee broker.

Meslee Insurance, providing answers for the difficult questions about insurance
How much coverage do I need? How much will it cost? Will this policy adequately secure my health and the well-being of those I care about? These are important questions, and at Meslee Insurance, we've been providing answers to these inquiries for years. Whether you are looking to secure a new personal dental insurance policy, update your long-term care insurance or simply consult with experts about how you can best acquire affordable short-term disability insurance, we are here to help!

We are also adept at providing recommendations that you can use to reduce your premiums, such as good driver discounts for auto insurance policies and multi-policy discounts for home insurance and commercial coverage.

To speak with an experienced, customer-focused representative, call us today at 213-488-1000 or email us at

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