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Knowing when you need personal insurance is easy. In California those who buy new cars or finance an existing residence are required to purchase homeowner's insurance and auto insurance. With commercial insurance, however, understanding what coverage a business needs, as well as what kind of protection is already granted under law, can be more complex.

For instance, self-employed individuals are often under the impression that they are not required to secure commercial insurance in California. Similarly, with certain types of business designations, such as a corporation or LLC title, a business owner will sometimes mistakenly believe that their assets are protected from potential liabilities; however, this is not the case and coverage is necessary to protect business owners from unforeseen and often catastrophic losses.

Larger businesses face a similar quandary. These entities often need to ensure that they are investing in affordable coverage that adequately protects not only their property but also their bottom line. Together, employee benefit programs, workers' compensation insurance, fire and liability insurance and specialty coverage such as employer's practices liability can quickly add up. Consequently, the time it takes some busy L.A. business owners to find the proper protection may drain resources from other necessary endeavors.

Either way, securing the help of a tested, experienced insurance professional from Meslee Insurance can be the answer to the time constraints and business necessities companies need to find solutions for. In fact, the help of our professionals, who are able to analyze the pros and cons of different policies from a number of providers, can be as valuable as the coverage itself.

Evaluating business owner policies and programs with Meslee brokers
Individuals who decide to open a hotel, retail outlet or restaurant in Los Angeles have more to contend with than simply the cutthroat business environment of the busy city. Furthermore, different businesses need different types of policies and coverage to protect their unique situations. For instance, a retail store will need to consider property coverage by evaluating specific policies. On the other hand, a restaurant owner may need to ensure that there is coverage for food spoilage or automobile liability for delivery or valet services.

At Meslee Insurance, we can evaluate policies for L.A. business owners in the retail, wholesale distribution, manufacturer, restaurant, hospitality and many other industries. Since each type of business has its own unique concerns, our experts can evaluate policies using their industry knowledge to inform a business owner on the various options available.

Securing employee benefits and workers' compensation protection
Similarly, while insurance for restaurants and hotels is necessary to protect the physical components of a business, owners also need to acquire medical care, disability and death coverage for their workers. These type of coverages can not only increase workplace satisfaction, they also make a business more competitive in the hiring market, thereby reducing costs and increasing potential revenue.

Worker’s compensation is mandatory and many believe that the premium is the same amongst different carriers, but this is not the case; in fact, working with a brokerage like Meslee Insurance significantly improves a business owner’s chances to secure comprehensive coverage at a lower rate.

Cutting the costs of commercial insurance with an experienced Meslee Insurance broker
In addition to simply obtaining adequate and affordable coverage, by working with an insurance broker, rather than with the insurance companies directly, Los Angeles area business owners can make informed choices about all of their insurance needs. With the help of our reliable, dependable and licensed professionals, business owners can ensure they are educated and properly protected.

Our service has proven to be so helpful to business owners that many take advantage of our expertise when making considerations for their personal insurance as well.

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