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At its core, personal insurance, be it homeowner's insurance, personal liability insurance, auto insurance or the many other forms of personal protection, aims to guard the insured against the uncertainty of the future. Yet, while many Americans believe they are prepared for whatever life has in store, some people don't find out that they didn't do enough to secure their future until it's too late.

For example, in a 2002 poll conducted by ABC News, 72 percent of the respondents said they were actively preparing for the future. But, despite the confidence of the study participants, when the researchers dug deeper, they found a gap between this optimism and reality: Only around 50 percent of the study takers said they were prepared for emergency expenses, and even less had actively taken steps to address these potential costs.

But, the study begs the question, how prepared can one truly be for earthquake damage to their property? the robbery of their supposedly secure apartment? or even a lawsuit where they are found personally liable? When it comes to protecting individuals from the unexpected, the only proven product is the right insurance policy.

For decades, Meslee Insurance Services, Inc., has been matching individuals with top insurers so they can best protect themselves and their property from unforeseen costs and disasters.

Unlike insurance agents, who have an incentive to keep their customers with their current provider and are often limited to only one carrier, our specialists can quickly help customers select from dozens of the top carriers. In an effort to find the perfect policy that fits their needs, Meslee matches customers with the most fitting insurance companies offering personal insurance including homeowners or condominium insurance, automobile insurance, liability protection, earthquake, flood and more.

Find the best homeowner's, renter's and condo insurance with experienced Meslee brokers
At Meslee Insurance, our brokers work with an array of excellent carriers to ensure that we obtain comprehensive personal insurance policies for our clients, keeping them protected from the everyday threats that can damage their livelihoods.

And since we know Los Angeles, we understand how this can be especially difficult for homeowners. That's why we specialize in seeking out specialty policies with all the necessary endorsements. Our educated and licensed staff has experience securing coverage for high value homes in brush or coastal areas, uniquely constructed homes, secondary vacation homes and even vacant homes.

Secure the right natural disaster or travel insurance policy for enhanced protection
In the case of an earthquake, Los Angeles area homeowners may not be adequately protected with the right insurance policy. This in turn can equate to thousands of dollars in damages that need to be paid out of pocket by homeowners. Similarly, flood insurance is crucial for those who own or live in homes along the coastline.

At Meslee Insurance, you will find experts that have the ability to assess travel insurance conditions for frequent business travelers or for those planning to travel for pleasure.

Gain the advantages of working with an experienced Meslee Insurance broker
Independent studies have found that since broker pricing is often more affordable than the rates offered directly from agents of insurance companies, in many cases, customers can gain added savings by working with insurance brokers for any type of coverage, whether it's for future long-term care needs, a short-term disability policy or required coverage such as auto and home insurance. In addition to the cost savings, many California residents will have access to professional consultation to avoid under-insuring their assets and filing unnecessary claims, thereby gaining added peace of mind.

If you're looking for personal earthquake insurance, health insurance, homeowners insurance, liability insurance and auto insurance quotes in the Los Angeles area, turn to our team of experts. By calling 213-488-1000 or emailing, you will be on your way to securing coverage that fits your needs.

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