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Purchasing Travel insurance is easier said than done. With so many coverage options and packages to choose from, things can very easily get confusing. Our representatives are here to help! Give us a call with your trip information and we will advise you on what coverage you need. Meslee Insurance works with one of the largest travel insurance carriers to provide an array of options regardless of your budget and itinerary. Whether you are taking a two day trip or a month long vacation, we can help you find the plan you need and create custom policies to cover only the risks that you wish to be covered for. Going on a cruise or tour? Looking for medical expense coverage while in a foreign country? Frequent business traveler? Let us answer your questions and advise you on what is best.


What can go Wrong ?

Your son becomes seriously ill and you must cancel your trip. Travel Insurance will help you retrieve your non refundable deposits.

  1. You trip over a curb and twist your knee in Paris and need help finding an English speaking doctor. Travel Insurance can help find the nearest appropriate doctor.

  2. Three weeks prior to your trip to London, a terrorist attack occurs and you need to cancel. Travel insurance can help cancel and cover your expenses.

  3. You are at a resort in Mexico and are forced to evacuate due to weather conditions. Travel Insurance can help get you out and cover your lost vacation investment.

  4. You arrive in Greece but your luggage does not arrive with you. Whether it is lost, stolen or delayed, Travel Insurance will help you get back to where you were.


Products at a glance


  1. Packages

Platinum Plan: For travelers who want the most comprehensive package of travel insurance coverage and assistance services. Includes the highest level of medical services and additional benefits. Also covers for pre existing medical conditions, financial default and trip cancellation due to job loss or other covered work reasons. Must be purchased within 15 days of initial trip payment.

Gold Plan: Our most popular package of travel insurance and assistance services. Offers comprehensive coverage for individual travelers and family members. Includes cancellation for work reasons and primary medical coverage. Furthermore, children under the age of 17 are included for free!

Silver Plan: For travelers and families who want standard coverage and access to 24-hour emergency assistance services. Includes increased medical and emergency evacuation coverages. Furthermore, each child under 17 is covered at no additional cost for each adult that purchases the plan.

Savvy Traveler: Lowest price package plan for those who want basic coverag and 24-hour emergency travel services.

Basic Plan: Just the essential coverages for cancellation and medical. Trip cancellation for financial default or pre-existing medical is not provided.

Pack ‘N Go Plan: Ideal for last minute travelers who do not need trip cancellation coverage.

Other Plans: Other plans available including plans designed for golfers and golfing trips, those who love fishing and hunting and even anyone who is going on an extreme adventure.

Custom Plan: Pick and choose the coverage options you want!

  1. Medical

MedEvac (Individual & Family) Plans: Offers worldwide travel medical evacuation coverage that can cover medical expenses and the cost to transport you to the hospital of your choice or home if medically necessary. Available for individual travelers and families.

MedEvac Annual (Individual & Family) Plans: Plan for more frequent travelers. Offers worldwide travel medical evacuation coverage that can cover medical expenses and the cost to transport you to the hospital of your choice or home if medically necessary. Available for individual travelers and families.

Worldwide Health International Plan: Ideal for travelers going outside their home country and looking for medical coverage. This program is designed for trips up to a maximum of one year and provides coverage for emergency evacuation, medical expenses and trip interruption. Perfect for those applying for a Schengen Visa. Options available from $50,000 to $1,000,000.

Business Traveler Plans: Ideal for the small business traveler. Offers travel risk management solutions with coverage for medical evacuation, medical expenses and security evacuation.

  1. Specialized

Flight Guard: Offers life and accident insurance while flying on commercial airlines. Five levels of coverage available against unexpected accidents that may occur while on, boarding or leaving an aircraft.

Car Rental Collision Insurance: For $7 or $9 per day, receive coverage for costs of repairs for collision or comprehensive damage to a rental car.


Quick Plan Comparison



Package Plans




Platinum, Gold, Savvy Traveler and more

MedEvac, Worldwide Health

Flight Guard, Renters Collision

Trip Cancellation & Interruption



Please contact us to see individual travel insurance plans for coverage details

Medical Expense & Transportation Coverage


May Include Interruption Only


Lost/Stolen Baggage




24/7 Travel Assistance Services





Other Information

  • Insurance can be purchased up to 24 hours prior to trip departure date; however, for some policy types, coverage options may be limited unless purchased within 15 days from trip deposit date. Other time frame limitations may apply.


This page contains only a general description of coverages and is not a contract. Details of coverage or limits may vary in some states and by carrier. All coverages are subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions, and conditions in the policy itself and in any endorsements.

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